Fish Lives Before Our Wants

USA Bred – Never Imported

We are all about homebred aquatic life!  We have found that imported aquatic life is a traumatic experience for both us and the aquatic life being imported.  With most imports, you are purchasing something that’s been wild caught, which we are against since most of the species we have today are breeding in captivity. 

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It makes no sense to keep taking away from our waters.  Common sense tells us that eventually there will be nothing left to take in the future if we don’t control our wants.  Our children’s children might never see this aquatic life in wild, and that would be a huge loss.  Pillaging for profit in waters effects ecosystems by drastically reducing numbers, which has grave long term ecological effects.  Also, Most imported life is full of diseases, parasites, and climatized to the waters they were taken from, not our waters here in the states.


The Future of our waters is in our hands.  Convivence should never come above a living being.  This is why we only sell homebred livestock.

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Quality over Quantity

Select the exact fish you want on certain species!

Ultimately more people we have in this hobby breeding non native fish at home in US Waters benefits everyone!  Imagine aquatic life that no longer has to take the deadly long journey traveling to the states from abroad.

Our pledge to you is that we will always put  aquatic life first, and human wants second.  

All aquatic life on this site is Guaranteed Homebred by video proof and other methods of verification.  

Whether it’s a graduation, wedding, new baby, family portrait or other event you’d like captured, I’d be delighted to apply that magical touch through amazing art photography.